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Sneak Peek: Bailee & Lexi ~ {Pensacola Pet Photography by Allison Shamrell}

There are so many things I could write about these dogs. I had the pleasure of doing a Great Dane Package with them last week, and even after spending all day together, I didn’t want to leave when the sun finally set! These Westies are truly two peas in a pod.

Bailee is 9 years old, and the bond between her and her mom, Debbi, is truly beautiful. She is her mother’s heart dog, for those of you familiar with the term; they share a powerful connection that has helped them overcome everything from canine cancer (“the c word”) to life’s little frustrations, all with a fabulous flair. So while Bailee runs the household, she took a while to get accustomed to having me around all day – after all, Debbi took off work, so shouldn’t it just be a play-day with mom all day?? But once Bailee realized that I was sticking around, she modeled for me like nobody’s business!

Lexi is two years old, adopted all the way from Tennessee – but she’s definitely a Florida girl now! I was warned that Lexi doesn’t warm up to strangers very well, but during our pre-shoot consultation she snuggled right up to me on the couch! Debbi was pretty surprised – let’s just say it really helps to have a way with dogs (especially shy or reserved dogs) when you’re a pet photographer! And since Lexi took a liking to me early on, she struck fabulous poses all day long!

Okay, enough words. Time for photos!

This is Bailee! We started the day in Bayview Park. Hunting for squirrels.


And this is Lexi!


After the park, we headed down to the beach! Some of us had fun walking down near the water…


And some of us preferred to get sand EVERYWHERE. No names mentioned…


Incredibly, Debbi has a special emotional connection to monarch butterflies, and while we were at the beach, DOZENS flew by!

I don’t know if it’s butterfly migrating season or not, but we took it as a good sign!


Once we were all very sandy, we headed home to play around in the back yard! (in this case, play = Lexi attacks Bailee)


Even when we came back inside, these dogs (always the terriers) were at the door in a flash at any mention of squirrels.


Bailee showed off her huge toy collection to me…


And we had a bit of cuddle time on the bed…


Until Lexi decided it was naptime.


So with a hug from mom, the dogs took a nap to recharge.


Later, feeling refreshed, we visited the studio!


And then – gelato in downtown Pensacola! How cute is Lexi trying to sneak some of her sister’s scoop?!


Don’t worry. Lexi had some too.


To end the day, these hip downtown dogs stopped for a beer (chaperoned by mom, of course) at New York Nick’s.

This location idea was all Debbi’s – and I LOVED it!


I really wish I could show you more right now, but this so-called Sneak Peek is already far too long… I hope you like the images, and Debbi, thank you so much for letting me spend the day with your beautiful girls. I hope you had a wonderful time like I did!

~   Dog Photography by Allison Shamrell in Pensacola, Florida   ~


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