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Senior Dog Photography in San Diego: Molly the Jack Russell

Molly is an adorable and much-loved senior dog who lives with her family in northern San Diego! She’s 12 years old, and was her parents’ only child for five whole years before they had a little girl… and to be honest with you, when I heard that, it hit pretty close to home, since Mr. Shamrell & I have had Bailey for almost five years now too – with no human kids on the horizon quite yet! :)  So I completely understood how much Molly means to her parents, and it was simply lovely to spend a bit of my afternoon with this wonderful family!


Molly is ball-obsessed. Seriously. She LOVES tennis balls… and I’m told that her favorite place to stock up is at Earthwise Pet Supply!  I met Molly’s family for the first time at an event there a couple of months ago, and they told me even then that she loooooves to play with tennis balls. In fact, this expression is pretty much all you see on Molly’s face when you’re in the backyard with her; one of her favorite things in life is to play (especially with her dad) and she always seems giddy with anticipation for the next throw of the ball! How cute is that big grin?!

senior dog rancho santa fe



We eventually convinced Molly to take a quick break from fetching & gnawing on the ball to relax on the couch… but I think she just wanted to get back to playing again! Contrary to what you might think, “senior dog photography” doesn’t mean that we rest & lay down the whole time… for Molly, it’s just the opposite! (She may have slowed down a bit in recent years, but she is a Jack Russell terrier, after all!)

senior dog photography


At one point, after realizing that all of us wanted the ball back from her, she wandered into the bushes and “hid” the ball there! Haha! It was so cute… “What ball? I don’t have anything in here!” What an innocent face…

senior dog photo


Kathy & Kieran, thank you for inviting me to your gorgeous house to meet Molly! I had a wonderful time with all five of you – and I can’t wait to see you both again soon! :)


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