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Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Allison, and I work in San Diego, CA, capturing the personalities of dogs and cats of all sizes & temperaments. I do photo sessions on location and in-studio, wherever my clients prefer! My photography style is natural, playful & soulful.

Here on my blog, I tell the stories of recent sessions and events. You might even find an insight or two into the behind-the-scenes side of my business! I hope you have fun looking around!

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Officially Voted the Best Pet Photographer in San Diego, 2014-2017, by the San Diego A-List.

San Diego Pet Photography Sessions by Allison Shamrell – Introductory Promotion

I’m thrilled to announce my grand opening promotion for San Diego pet photography sessions! I promised I’d reveal the special once my Facebook page hit 1,000 fans, and it’s already soared past that number in just a few days! So without further ado, here it is:


I’m experienced & skilled at pet photography, but I’m not familiar with San Diego, having just moved here a few short weeks ago.

So to see & experience the best of San Diego while re-launching my business, I’m introducing a limited-time offer:

the first client to book a session in each of the following locations will receive a complimentary 20×30 canvas gallery wrap!







san diego pet photography locations

Can you just imagine how great a dog will look, gazing serenely into the distance over the rough landscape of Torrey Pines State Reserve? Laying contentedly in the grass in Balboa Park? Or catapulting himself through the sapphire-blue water at Fiesta Island? Each of these places offers incredible diversity & beauty, and I would adore meeting an adventure-prone dog amidst the sailing boats in the harbor, or San Diego’s most social pup strolling through the Gaslamp District, saying hello to all the tourists.

 Each of these places are scenic locations I’m just itching to visit – and I have a feeling they might become “regular” spots for sessions in the future.

The truth is, they may follow hundreds of Florida families, but I’m about to photograph my very first California clients. As a thank-you for kick-starting the relaunch of Allison Shamrell Pet Photography in San Diego, I’m happy to reward my first clients that are willing to visit one of these places in their session with my most popular size of canvas gallery wrap!

These products are worth over $300 each – that means I’ll be giving away more than $1800 of canvas gallery wraps in total! I wanted to go above & beyond for these families, and 20″x30″ is definitely not small – in fact, it can fill up a wall!

If you’ve never seen a canvas gallery wrap before, check out these close-ups:

canvas gallery wraps promotion

Canvas gallery wraps are one of my most popular products, and for good reason: they’re fabulously modern and incredibly well-constructed. Everyone loves them!


(Can I make a suggestion? These locations don’t have to be the only places we visit during our session. I think it would be marvelously fun for my clients to choose The Dalmatian Package and start at one of these locations for some beautiful scenic vistas, then head back to their house for a few super-personal photos in the place where their dog spends the most time, and then finish up at my studio for some clean, modern images and a totally different look!)


So there you have it! I couldn’t possibly be more excited to re-start my business here in San Diego. It’s a funny thing, you know, building a business and establishing yourself in the market, only to move across the country and (in many ways) start all over again. But I’m not starting from scratch; I know I can provide an incredible (yes, I said incredible) experience, and create beautiful images for the families that choose to meet this Florida-grown photographer. :)


Do you know someone who might be interested in this special? I encourage you to share this post with them. You can also share my Facebook post about it. I appreciate you helping me spread the word!


So check out my portfolio, then take a look at session pricing and (most importantly) get in touch! I can’t WAIT to meet you!



Okay okay, the disclaimers:

  1. First come first serve for each location. 
  2. One canvas per client; no combining locations for multiple canvases.
  3. Clients may choose any length of session; regular session fees apply.
  4. Clients may choose to upgrade their canvas gallery wrap to a different size by paying the a la carte difference.
  5. Guess what: I don’t pretend to know all the most photogenic spots in San Diego. If you want to have a session at a different public place (that’s just as scenic as the ones I listed), contact me and make your pitch! I’ll entertain all ideas, and just might extend this promotion to a couple more locations!


UPDATE – 7/1/13: Three locations have been booked! Balboa Park, Torrey Pines State Park & Fiesta Island have been spoken for. As of right now, the other three locations are still up for grabs!

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    Great offer, Allison! I bet all your locations get snapped up real quick. Will share this offer on our grooming page. Good luck!

    P.S. Glad to have found your blog…you can visit ours at

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