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We Made It to San Diego!

As many of you know, I announced that my family would be moving to San Diego, California not too long ago. Well, it’s been a whirlwind, but we safely made it out here! And in way less time than I would have thought possible!

(Are you ready for a blog post full of iPhone photos? Try not to cringe – you know I don’t do this to you very often!!)


We packed our car FULL and set off on the open road… Bailey was excited to go!



Of course, after a while, the excitement faded. (for all of us, haha!)



We drove over several state lines… this one was the first…



 We spent parts of three different days in Texas. This was my breakfast for the last day, and it wasn’t even at a Texas-themed restaurant. We had a basic hotel continental breakfast… but state pride runs deep.



And then… finally… we made it!! Practically our first stop was the Del Mar dog beach! Bailey was THRILLED to get the heck out of the car. I posted another photo on the Facebook page that shows a bit more of the dog beach… she LOVED it there! There are more dog beaches to explore, but we’re definitely coming back to this one!



We also took a trip the next day to the Rancho Penasquitos dog park, which is located right near where we’re temporarily staying (before we find a more permanent house).  Apparently the “panorama” feature on iPhones turns moving dogs into 8-legged monsters, haha!



I’m sure I’ll have MUCH more to tell you as I explore San Diego with Bailey. And prettier, non-iPhone photos, too! This is the start of something great, I can just feel it. Thanks for reading & stay tuned! :)


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7 Responses to “We Made It to San Diego!”

  1. Elaine says:

    Hi Allison, I just discovered your website today when doing some research on dachshund/lab relationships and I discovered your adorable story & pics about Frank and Riley. Hope you enjoyed your long drive through TX. We are in North Dallas and have to agree, State pride does run very deep! Enjoy San Diego!! You are so lucky to land in such a beautiful city. Make sure you take a trip to Old Town and visit the Old Tortilla Factory. The food is awesome!! Looking forward to reading more posts!

    • Thanks Elaine – you are too nice!! I’m happy to have you here! :) We actually took a quick trip to Old Town a few days ago, but ate at a place called The Alamo. My husband had been there before, years ago, so he pretty much made a beeline for it, haha! I’ll have to remember the Old Tortilla Factory next time we’re there…

  2. Craig says:

    Welcome to San Diego! You’ll love it here. Try Coronado Dog Beach too. Our favorite!

    • Hi Craig! Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll make sure Coronado Dog Beach is on the “must-see” list for sure! :)
      So I just clicked on your name and it took me to a website called “Dogscapes” – is that what you do?? It’s beautiful work!!

      • Craig says:

        Thanks Allison. We started photographing dogs back in 2007 but got busy doing some other projects the last few years. We recently decided to get back into it again so we’re working on our website, products, etc. with the goal of serving clients again soon.

        • That’s awesome Craig! Finding new products is soooo much fun – I’d rather do that all day than work on a website, haha! I love meeting other pet photographers, so let me know if you want to get together anytime! :)

          • craig says:

            We’ll be at Coronado Dog Beach on June 23 at 10am with our goldendoodle meet up group if you’d like to join us there. Big fun!

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