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Setting Up My New Studio in San Diego

This is probably “Part 1” in a long (well, hopefully not TOO long!) series of blog posts! I’m ridiculously excited about my new studio in San Diego, and I’ve been working REALLY hard to get it set up & ready for business ASAP!


(I know, more iPhone photos. Have you EVER seen this many iPhone photo posts from me?? It ok though: the movers brought a bunch of my office supplies, and I’m pretty sure my card reader is in there somewhere!! I promise things will be back to normal soon!)


I spent the weekend running from store to store, trying to stock up on supplies & decor. Pictured is just one of, like, 5 Home Depot receipts. Big ones. I’m ready to accept their Customer of the Week award.



Yesterday (Tuesday) was a big day! We finally got everything (we think) we needed from various stores, and got to start working inside the studio. We went through the first roll of painter’s tape pretty quickly…



Taping job by yours truly. I may have missed my calling as a light-switch-painter’s-tape-master.


And then – the most exciting part of Bailey’s morning – the movers came! They delivered all the furniture, supplies, etc. I need for my office and to participate in upcoming dog events! It’s starting to feel more like “my studio” with all my things in it!



After finishing up with the movers and doing allllllll the taping, we needed a lunch break. We headed a block down the street and found a great place with incredible burgers, which came with fries that Bailey enjoyed very much! (yes, we feed our dog food from the table, I know I know, but she’s okay with it and so are we.) At one point, she missed a fry we dropped down to her and it somehow bounced all the way under the next table – and she was the most pitiful thing! She just stared at it wistfully. My husband took this photo of our sad puppy. What a silly dog.



 After lunch, it was time to get to painting!




 Here’s a sneak peek at some of the decor… the bird is my little tribute to my hometown, Portland. Anyone know why? :)



 And LOOK! Laminate floors!! We’re actually putting nice flooring in a large part of the space, to make sure I can shoot my studio sessions in that area. I’m nervous about the process but we’re told it’s easy to do… I feel like a first-time homebuyer without ever having bought a home. (Is that a good thing?)



It’s coming along!! I hope you enjoyed these “before” photos, haha! More are on their way… let’s hope everything keeps going as smoothly as it has up till now! :)  Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to “Setting Up My New Studio in San Diego”

  1. Kassandra Rountree says:

    I’m so excited for your new studio. We have a new pup in our family (Emmie’s brother came back to live with us), so hopefully one of these days we’ll get back to the west coast to come visit for another family session.

    Just a tip we learned from painting many times through our moves, take the switch/electrical plate covers off instead of taping them, and just put a small piece of tape over the part that’s left showing. It will only take a few seconds to do that, so you save time and tape. :)

    • Thanks Kassandra! That’s so exciting – I’d love to meet Emmie’s brother! :)

      Are you saying my masterful light-switch-taping wasn’t even necessary??? Haha – I trust your moving expertise, but I’m not very good at painting, so at least let me have taping! ;)

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