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Happy Howl-o-ween: Bailey the German Beer Maiden

Today, on this ancient day of history & folklore, there is a tale that must be told. A tale of tradition, greatness, and the struggle to uphold them both. And perhaps that tale is best told through the eyes of just a single character in our story…

halloween dog mission brewery

Bailey is a common beer maid at the town brewery. She was born & raised amongst the wheat & barley stores in the back of the brewery, and grew up learning to distinguish different varieties of hops from only their aroma; this brewery is and always will be her home.

halloween dog costume mission brewery

She is happy here. Her pleasures are simple: listening to the grains ping against the copper vats each morning, running her paws over the smooth wooden surface of the bar that’s been worn down by centuries of visiting beer enthusiasts, feeling empty glasses fill to the brim and grow heavy with cool, foamy craft beer. Truly, Bailey is happy to greet her guests each day, and they enjoy her cheerful service behind the bar.

A dog Halloween costume


But times are not always easy at the brewery. Sometimes, whole shipments of hops are lost to thieves. The local brewery has had a successful past, but money has never been tighter, and sometimes Bailey can sense the pressure of an economy that almost feels like it’s evolving past the age-old craft of brewing.

halloween beer maiden dog costume

But Bailey knows that a steady determination – and a positive attitude – are the keys to continuing her happy existence in the way she’s always known.

dog beer halloween


When times are tough, Bailey reminds herself: enjoy the little pleasures in life! Every smiling face that comes through the doors is another opportunity to make a friend, build a relationship, and strengthen the community that upholds the brewery through all the tough times. So she makes sure to greet each visitor with her cheerful smile!


german beer maiden dog costume


Every morning, Bailey gets dressed in the traditional clothing of her ancestors. She takes comfort in the familiar folds of the dirndl, its cheery white blouse and deep brown apron skirt, and the handmade headscarf that keeps her unruly fur out of her eyes. She herself stitched the red threads into her outfit, to add a bit of color to the surrounding brewery’s rich, deep chestnut tones.


german dog howl-o-ween costume


And sometimes, at the end of a hectic day, Bailey loves to enjoy a pint as she unwinds. While her favorite brew has always been the traditional pale ale, occasionally Bailey enjoys a stronger taste of hops from one of the brewery’s IPAs.




Bailey’s counterparts – all of them men – don’t always include her in discussions of the brewery’s direction & future. At times, Bailey wishes she could join in these conversations. She has so many ideas from watching the day-in-day-out hustle & bustle from behind the bar… so many ideas that could improve their service & lessen their often-overwhelming workload. But at other times, she purely wishes to join in for the friendship & camaraderie. It’s not always easy being the sole female bartender.


Howl-o-ween dog


But Bailey values her solitary time, too. When she’s not behind the bar serving guests, she can think deeply about the world, the brewery, and her place in both.

howl-o-ween at mission brewery


So despite her everyday worries, Bailey truly loves living at the brewery and tending the bar for its guests! She’s at home here!

Howl-o-ween dog costume


 Happy Howl-o-ween! 


Howl-o-ween dog costume



Big thanks to Mission Brewery in downtown San Diego, CA! And have a very happy Howl-o-ween, from Bailey (whose real job is to be an intern at Allison Shamrell Pet Photography)! 

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