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Blitz the German Shepherd Mix in San Diego, CA

Any way I describe Blitz, I feel like I won’t be doing him justice. I mean, I could tell you that he’s a German shepherd mix, but that doesn’t explain his brownish-black coat with the tiniest puff of pure white fur on the end of his tail, or the borderline-out-of-control shaggy fur around his neck and chest. I could tell you that he’s a rescue and got a bit nervous during our session, but that doesn’t give nearly enough credit to his mom and all the work they’ve done together to make Blitz a much more confident and happy dog than he used to be. I could also tell you that he loves his parents, but that wouldn’t be the same as showing you the adoring look in his eyes as he looks up at them in one of the many family photos we captured.

So – gosh – how can I tell you about these German shepherd mix photos? Blitz is a handsome boy that lives with his parents just down the street from my studio, in Normal Heights, and we took our session nice & slow because he’s often uncertain in new situations. This meant plenty of time for walk breaks and running loose – well, as much as his old knees would let him, that is!  :)  Blitz was a wonderful subject to photograph, and his parents were willing to jump in for plenty of photos themselves, too! I love it when my clients want to make an appearance in their images, but I’ll be honest – it made picking photos for this sneak peek a bit difficult, since I loooove so many of the three of them! (I like to double-check that my human clients love their photos just as much as I do before I post them online, haha.) So here’s handsome Blitz – filling up the spotlight all by himself with all his fluffy fur! :)


german shepherd mix photo


I just love those touches of orange on the edges of his fur!

german shepherd mix photos


Chris & Rachel, thank you for such a great session! I can’t wait to see you back in the studio soon!


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