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Dogs We’ve Lost.

I feel it deep inside my stomach, or whatever organ it is that handles emotional pain. When a client calls or emails, and tells me that their dog has passed away, I feel it. It hurts to think about it, and I inevitably tear up as I dig that client’s file out of my archives. I look at the photos of their dog, and I allow reality to sink in. Because a minute ago, everything was fine. And now I know that everything is not fine, and we’ve lost someone. Someone that meant a LOT.


I became a pet photographer because it’s fun; because I love almost every aspect of this business (just not taxes!) and playing with dogs for a living is a dream come true. But when my first client’s pet passed away, as I cried, I realized that this is so much more than a fun career. To all my clients, past, present & future: I hope you know that I don’t regard my job as just taking photos of your pet. As past clients already know, I do more than that – but I want you to realize that you and your dogs mean a lot to me, too. You aren’t “just another client” to me; part of the purpose behind the Pre-Session Consultation and Ordering Session and all the follow-ups I do is because I’m letting you into my heart. To be honest, I envision all my clients as a family of sorts, and maybe you haven’t even met each other, but you’re all so special to me. I really have enjoyed getting to know each one of you, and just because I’m not calling/emailing/delivering your products certainly doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you. Your dogs are such sweethearts and I know losing them hurts so deeply. It’s so heartbreaking to hear from you with this sad news, but I’m grateful that you do me the honor of letting me know.


Hmmm, I just re-read what I wrote. To someone who doesn’t know me, it probably sounds cheesy. But that’s okay – it’s true. I’m not changing a word.


I’ve recently heard that Sprockett and Bruiser have passed away.


Sprockett was a sweet little miniature poodle, super-attached to his mom and very much loved.

Miniature poodle who has passed away.


Bruiser was an old boxer from Pensacola whose life came to a sudden end. He was a gentle guy, and is now overlooking the water.

Boxer who has passed away, black and white photo.


These two dogs are the most recent losses of the “family”. In the past, I’ve gotten emails from more of my clients…


Buford, an arthritic old lab, whose passing was expected but still so painful…

Old labrador that has passed away.


And Lucy, who simply shouldn’t have died at such a young age. She was only a few years old.

Young miniature poodle that has passed away.


Please, give your dogs a hug today. They love you, and the time we have with them is much too short. I think I might take Bailey for an extra walk today…


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