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Doggie Birthday: Bailey Turns 3!

Sunday, June 10th was a big day in the Shamrell household: Bailey turned three! Does this mean she’s no longer a “puppy”? Oh who am I kidding, I’ll always call her my puppy! :)  (Side note: she’s 21 in dog years, so we’ve ordered a few age-appropriate beverages for her that’ll hopefully arrive soon!)

We celebrated the occasion with two walks, plenty of treats, a new knuckle bone, and CAKE! I spent the previous day in Ft. Walton Beach at the dog boutique 3 Dogs & A Chick, so really, I had very little choice in the matter. Their cute cake designs were just staring me in the face. I had to get one for her. They let me choose the color scheme, so I asked for the confetti sprinkles (because they’re fun) and pink writing, because Bailey’s a very girly dog. She is! – all her dog-sitters comment on how ladylike she is, and plus she’s so gosh darn pretty, so pink was a natural choice. Oh, and the cake is peanut butter flavored!

So in case you missed the album I posted on the Facebook page, here are a few shots of the cake… it’s so gorgeous I couldn’t help myself but photograph it.


Photo of a dog's birthday cake in the delivery box.


Photo of a dog's birthday cake that reads "Happy Birthday Bailey".


Photo of a dog-safe birthday cake that reads "Happy Birthday Bailey".


Photo of a dog's birthday cake.


Photo of a dog's birthday cake.


Photo of a dog's birthday cake with confetti sprinkles and pink icing.

Sometimes I love the details so much, that I think about being a product photographer… but then again I think those photographers must have a TREMENDOUS tolerance for boredom, because really, there aren’t any living creatures in their work! Just thinking about spending all day with inanimate objects (instead of dogs) induces a yawn. So I guess product photography is not for me.


Okay, there is a story behind why Bailey looks semi-miserable in this photo. We got her up in the chair, and the cake was in front of her all ready to go, and what do I do? Strike a match to light her candles, of course! But I didn’t even think that it might scare her (which is embarrassing) because she has no reaction to our outdoor tiki torches or any other fire I can think of… but I guess the actual creation of the flame was what spooked her. So she jumped out of the chair in a panic, poor thing. We finally got her back up and slid the cake in front of her, but she looked SO sad – the only way I even got her ears up was by saying “wanna go for a walk?” which of course we weren’t going for at 8:00 at night, so I guess that makes me even MORE of a terrible mom, taunting her with a walk. Sigh… so we took one halfway-decent photo and let her escape the terror of the dining room table.

Photo of a dog with her birthday cake.


She also had ice cream, which was the initial favorite – she licked it up quickly!

Photo of a dog's birthday cake and dog-safe ice cream.


After cutting the cake into quarters (because it’s HUGE) this is what our freezer looked like. Pretty awesome freezer if you ask me! :)  (And yes, those are the TGI Friday frozen dinners in the background… we think they’re delicious so don’t judge!)

Photo of dog birthday cake and ice cream in the freezer.


Here’s Bailey’s plan of attack for the cake: lick the entire exterior, THEN start nibbling. She didn’t tear into it, as I imagine many dogs would. Here’s a quick video showing the beginning of the process…

And here’s a longer video showing her dainty way of getting into the knuckle bone I wrapped for her… it was her main present because she loves these things, they are her absolute favorite toys, and it’ll last a few months no problem. It was fun to see her discover it so cautiously!


Happy birthday, Bailey – you’re a blessing to our little family and we’re ridiculously happy we found you. Here’s to plenty more birthdays with you!!


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5 Responses to “Doggie Birthday: Bailey Turns 3!”

  1. Lori says:

    Yay Bailey!!!
    You guys are as lucky to have her as she is to have you!

  2. Thanks, Lori! Did you like the videos? :)

  3. Bailey is lucky! How many dogs are afforded a birthday treat like this? Even more appalling is this question: How many kids are afforded this rich birthday? Bailey is lucky!

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  5. […] too – did you know Dexter’s makes birthday cakes for dogs?? How fun is that?! (My Bailey knows from experience: it’s awesome, that’s […]

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