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Chauncey the Pomeranian ~ {Dauphin Island, Alabama Pet Photographer Allison Shamrell}

If the title of this post doesn’t make you want to read it, I don’t know what will.

I tell you what, this dog loves his mama! He never stopped looking to her for direction- so much for my for my commands! Chauncey wouldn’t sit or stay for anyone else, and it was really very touching. This little five-year-old is well-trained, but loves the beach so much (no fear, no way) that he got soaked before I could even get one shot! So we laughed about how these would be “really natural” pictures. And in my opinion, there’s nothing more genuinely beautiful than a dog having a good time at the beach, anyway.

See what I mean? It’s all about Mom.

A little blur effect on this one… do you like it?

Here are the chicken legs! Chauncey was soaked!

Underneath a dock where water used to be…

Thanks for a great shoot, Chauncey & Sarina!

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~ Dog Photography by Allison Shamrell in San Diego, California ~

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  1. Terry & Nadia Jones says:

    We are the grandparents of Chauncey (parents of Sarina)… You did an excellent job capturing Chauncey being Chauncey. Well done!

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