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Daisy the Super-Athletic, Pool-Jumping, Ball-Obsessed Lab Mix

You want to talk about FUN sessions? I spent over 30 minutes just watching (& shooting) as Daisy the lab mix jumped into her backyard pool over and over and over again… what a blast!! Maybe I’m the only person who gets excited about this kind of a session, but it hearkens back to my sports photography past, and I had a ball (pun intended)!

Daisy Mae is a ridiculously athletic labrador/beagle mix, with maybe some pit bull in her as well. Whatever breeds make up Daisy, they all must have some sort of championship bloodlines, because this girl can MOVE! We absolutely couldn’t tire her out by the pool, and when we went inside it was pretty clear she just wanted to go out again and swim some more! I hope you enjoy this Sneak Peek – and remember to watch the Facebook page for more photos of this ball-obsessed girl! :)


A photo collage showing a lab mix dog jumping into a pool.


A lab mix swims in a pool.


A lab mix waits to jump after a ball into a pool.


Last but not least… I just love this photo! We were playing with her ball in the side yard, and at one point my life practically flashed before my eyes when Daisy came up to give me her ball. Is this image technically perfect? No. Is it in focus in all the right places? Nope! But Daisy loves nothing more than playing with her ball, and that look in her eyes when she drops it at your feet is so adorable – and I think there’s a lot of unbridled joy in this image.

A lab mix plays with a ball in her mouth.


Steve & Jill, have fun on your cruise! And rest assured: I’ll have a LOT of photos for you to see once you’re back in town!


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