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Pink, Achilles & Calvin – Pets from La Jolla

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Some pets are lucky enough to hit the jackpot in life: they’re adopted by a loving family, have siblings to play with, and have a great place to call home. What more could a dog or cat want, right? I’m happy to report that Pink, Achilles & Calvin have all “won the lottery”, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to them!

These pets all live in beautiful La Jolla with their parents – who are expecting a 2-legged child early next year! So we spent a nice afternoon together in their backyard, and I had a great time getting to know each of the pets’ distinctive personalities.


Calvin is thoroughly his dad’s cat. He’s about 7 years old and yes, his green eyes are that stunning in real life, too.

la jolla cat


This is Pink! This sweet girl has spent her whole life with her mom, and they’re incredibly closely-bonded. She loves to relax in the grass and sniff around – and she goes absolutely bonkers when you bring out the treats! Her favorite snack is apples… because she’s healthy like that.

dog in la jolla


And this gorgeous hunk is Achilles, the goofball of the family. Even after 2 long walks earlier that day, he still had plenty of energy for our session – and we put it all to good use! He’s a sweet boy who came from a not-so-sweet background, so I was especially glad to see that he lucked out and found such a loving family. (Plus, he fits so well into the grey theme that Calvin & Pink started, haha!!)

great dane from la jolla


Ashley & Max, thank you so much for introducing me to your family! I’m looking forward to seeing you both again soon! :)


Oscar the Black Lab from La Jolla, CA

Monday, September 28th, 2015

To be completely honest with you, I didn’t know I’d be photographing this session until 48 hours before it happened. And while I love squeezing in sessions on sunny days, especially with a happy & handsome black lab like Oscar… it wasn’t exactly fun & spontaneity that took us to Marine Street Beach the other night.

Joining a dog and his family for what could be that dog’s very last trip to the beach is, well… there are a lot of mixed emotions. It was absolutely joyful to see Oscar jog (well, totter might be a better word!) down the beach and through the waves, especially when I knew he’d had trouble standing and walking in the days beforehand. He had a big grin on his face the entire time – I can’t even begin to imagine how good the sand felt in his paws & fur. He even tried to dig a few holes! It was as if the myeloma wasn’t even there.

Oscar’s family doesn’t know how much time they have left together… it could be months, weeks, or days… so I was absolutely honored to join them for a sunset trip to the beach, where they knew Oscar would be happy. I hope you’ll join me in sending happy thoughts & healing prayers their way… Oscar certainly deserves a much longer life, because I can tell he has a LOT more love to give.


This is sweet, handsome Oscar – isn’t he a gorgeous black lab?!

cute black lab


His sisters love him so much – I really enjoyed watching them interact together. Oscar is so patient & happy to be around them!

black lab with family


No, you’re not seeing double – this is Oscar with his 2-year-old brother Bruce, also a black lab. (Who apparently had never gone swimming before last year, but this was one of the few photos of Bruce on dry land, haha!)

black lab dogs


Sarah & Paul, I’m so glad you reached out to me. I’ll be thinking of you & Oscar over the next several days and weeks, I’m sure. Looking forward to going through the rest of our photos with you soon!



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