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My Last Session in Florida: Monty the Gorgeous Golden Retriever

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

I suppose it’s pretty fitting that my very-last session in the Pensacola area was with a golden retriever. After all, they’re the breed I’ve photographed most in my career! And Monty (short for “Montana”) is definitely one of the most gorgeous goldens I’ve ever met; he is ridiculously handsome! He’s a “golden” golden retriever, not a red, but I just couldn’t get enough of that rich-colored, super-fluffy coat. And Monty’s a snuggler, so his soft fur was never far from me or his parents! Monty also has incredible obedience skills; he and his dad have worked hard on various commands and recall, and I think it really paid off in our session – he was willing to do just about anything we asked! Which made my job even more easy and fun than usual! :)

Here’s Mr. Handsome. Look at that FACE.

handsome golden retriever with parents


We played fetch for a while, and his parents forgot to tell me about his built-in rocket boosters. Seriously; Monty’s dad was in aviation maintenance at Eglin and I think he may have brought a few toys home from work and strapped them to his boy’s legs. This dog is FAST! Here are just a couple of action photos; there are many more! I think their final gallery may be half action, haha!

golden retriever chasing ball


Monty, just stop it. You’re too gorgeous.

handsome golden retriever


I wish I could see Monty & his parents again, but San Diego is calling… still, I can’t wait to release his gallery! Thanks for being such a wonderful last Florida session, Monty! You’ll always have a special place in my heart. :)


Rare Dog Breeds: A Canaan Dog & White German Shepherd

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

My clients braved the heat this week (summer JUST got here, apparently) and we enjoyed a fun session all around the Pensacola area! We started in Milton, near NAS Whiting Field where Travis is stationed, and then headed down to a pretty park in Pensacola, and finished up at NAS Pensacola where Courtney is stationed! It was especially memorable for me for two reasons: one, I love working with rare breeds of dogs. Areli (pronounced “uh-RELL-ee”) is a Canaan dog, which is a breed I’ve never met before, let along photographed; and Ghost is a white German shepherd, with absolutely stunning eyes. And reason number two… well, the last photo should be a decent explanation! :)


 Ghost with his dad, Travis

white german shepherd


 Areli the Canaan dog (and a great poser!) 

canaan dog


Love this.

rare dog breed family



surprise wedding proposal with dogs


I can’t believe I got to photograph a proposal!! Travis was so sneaky he didn’t even tell me it was coming! Courtney said yes, of course! Congrats, you two! I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos with you soon! For now… happy wedding planning! :)


A Golden Retriever with his Family: Bachi

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Even though I’m leaving town incredibly soon, I’m still meeting local dogs! Yes, I should probably be packing and beginning to look for a new house in San Diego… but here I am with a camera on my neck! And I am so glad – otherwise I wouldn’t have met Bachi! He’s Beckham‘s friend from Niceville, and for our session we visited a gorgeous dock on the water and Bachi’s favorite neighborhood park. His human siblings were willing to jump in a bunch of the photos, too, which I love – check it out!

We couldn’t have had a more beautiful day! Thanks for cooperating with my tight schedule, weather gods!

golden retriever on dock


 Bachi & his sister Gina are especially close; I love so many of the photos of them together!

golden retriever dog in pretty park


Bachi, I know I tuckered you out during our session… I promise I won’t make you “work” so hard when I come over again this week! :)

Thanks Rosie, Gina & Scott, for an absolutely delightful time! Can’t wait to see you all again soon!


Mixed Breed Dog Photography: Daly’s New Beach House!

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again: I am so lucky to have the clients I have. I couldn’t stop thinking about that during Daly’s session. Her always-fabulous mom Elaine thought it’d be fun to get more photos of Daly at their new beach house, and I was happy to oblige! Any excuse to get on the beach is good enough for me, but it was extra-exciting to see the new house that they were just in the beginning stages of planning when we had our session last year! It’s almost done & they’ll move in soon, but we opted to stay outside for our session – and when you see the view, you’ll know why!


Daly LOVES the tall grasses in her new backyard… she reminded me of a lion hunting in the savanna! (like someone else I know…)

a dog in tall beach grasses

Daly even attempted to recreate her mom’s favorite photo from last time! From the studio to the beach!

mixed breed dog on beach



She is so happy – and so. cute.

happy dog on stairs


Elaine, it was my pleasure, as always – see you soon! :)


The Biggest & Smallest Dogs: Honey & Capone

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

I’m pretty sure these dogs are, respectively, the biggest & smallest pups that I’ve ever worked with: Capone tips the scales at 140 lbs and Honey weighs in at a mere 6! So, naturally, they’re brother & sister! :)

Capone is the big guy, just two years old but definitely beyond the norm in size. Sometimes I think his limbs are so long, he doesn’t have complete control of them – this guy is a goofball! He really kept us laughing with hilarious looks on his face and clumsy antics. I’m sure his parents get a heck of a show at home all the time!

Honey is a 7-year-old poodle/shih tzu mix. (The photo I posted to the Facebook page also evidences her third breed.) While her parents kept trying to tell me that she a can be a total handful, and that she’s lost her welcome to friends’ houses, and how she rarely (if ever) behaves how they want, and that she has NO obedience… I couldn’t help it. I fell in LOVE! Would you just LOOK at that cute face!!

smallest dog

I may steal her during our Ordering Session. No promises.

Here’s the big man – Capone!

a great dane in the woods

Isn’t he handsome?

great dane dog laying down

One more of Capone, just because I love his ears in this photo. They’re like tents!

great dane ears

Kayla & Jason (& Lori), thank you so much for a great session! I had a great time with you all, and I can’t wait to show you the photos! :)



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