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Archive: March, 2017

Admiral Barker, the Coronado Dalmatian Puppy

Friday, March 31st, 2017

If you like puppies, you’re going to LOVE this sneak peek!

When I first heard Admiral Barker’s name, I had two thoughts: first was “ohmygawd that’s the cutest name ever!!” and the second thought was “I bet there’s a military connection here!” Turns out I was right; Admiral Barker (“Admiral” for short) is the newest addition to an awesome military family in Coronado! (Well, at least he & his mom are awesome – I haven’t actually met Admiral’s dad yet since he’s currently deployed, but I assume he’s pretty awesome too.) So once I recovered from the excitement of meeting a 13-week-old Dalmatian puppy, we scheduled his photo session quickly since this little boy is never going to be this small again! His mom & I were both thrilled to capture Admiral’s puppyhood, and we had a wonderful afternoon together!

So here’s what was surprisingly unique about this session, and Admiral’s personality: most puppies will greet you with a burst of energy, and then calm down over time. “I’m so excited to see you!” turns into “I’m getting tired.” Right? But Admiral behaved in the exact opposite way! We arrived at the marina, and he was happy to see me but promptly flopped down on the dock to take a break before we even made it to their boat! He could not have been more cool, calm & collected. Fast forward to the end of our photo session at Coronado Beach – and he was on fire, running around like a little maniac! It’s definitely not what I (nor his mom) expected, but puppies always seem to keep you on your toes, don’t they? So I was somehow able to keep up with his various & changing energy levels, and something tells me his mom is going to have an extra-large variety of images to choose amongst! :)


Here’s Admiral Barker, overseeing the marina. Obviously he’s in charge of it all.

dalmatian puppy in marina


He even learned how to navigate their new hammock during our photo session!

dalmatian puppy photo


I cannot handle that face. Ugh… he is so ridiculously cute.

cute dalmatian puppy


A rare moment of calm on the beach, near the Hotel Del Coronado!

dalmatian puppy on coronado beach


Jill, it was so much fun to meet you & your adorable little man! Congrats again on the new addition to your family, and I’ll talk to you again soon! :)


Emily, the World’s Tiniest Pomeranian! (Photos)

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Okay, Emily might not be the tiniest Pomeranian in the world. I haven’t done all the necessary research, I admit it. (Although I would like to, haha!) But I think it’s a pretty good guess, since she weighs a whopping 2.5 pounds! Holding this little lady in your arms is like holding a feather… but for everything she lacks in size, she more than makes up for in sweetness. Emily is patient, calm, loving, and simply a dream to work with. I love the way she looks up at her mom… you can practically see the devotion in her eyes. And rightfully so: her mom saved her from a puppy mill. Emily had a rough beginning, that’s for sure – no attention and no love for the first couple years of her life. (I cannot imagine… ugh.) So her mom is making up for lost time, and showering Emily with plenty of care these days! Especially since older age (Emily is 9 now) has come with new health challenges, and her mom doesn’t have much longer with her sweet rescued pup. I’m sad for the short amount of time they have left together… thinking about it puts tears in my eyes… but at the same time, I know Emily & her mom have shared so much joy. So they’ll continue to do what they do best (travel the country, go beading, and love each other) and I have no doubt that it’s the life both of them would have chosen a thousand times over!


That’s Emily the Pomeranian – and yes, she’s wearing a dress! It cover up her hair loss from her recent medical issues quite nicely, and Emily loves her (huge!) collection of dresses to choose from!

pomeranian studio photo


Stop it. She’s too cute.

Pomeranian dog


How could you ever say no to those big eyes?!

pomeranian photo


DeeAnn, it was an honor to meet your sweet girl. Thank you so much for introducing me to her – I’ll be in touch with you again very soon!


San Diego Vizslas: Sundance, Russ & Cisco! (Photos)

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

If you’re not familiar with the Vizsla breed, let me be the first to tell you: choosing to own a Vizsla is less a breed choice and more of a lifestyle choice. Imagine you have a roommate with BOUNDLESS energy, who wants to eat, play and hunt small animals all day long. Every day. Forever. And if that doesn’t sound exhausting, imagine you have THREE of these roommates! Haha – you’ve just imagined the household of Sundance, Russ & Cisco!

These three San Diego vizslas are gorgeous bundles of energy with an awe-inspiring zest for life. I absolutely loved watching them sprint around the park & beach we visited for our photo session; you can see that these athletes were born to run and hunt. And it made the session a lot of fun for me, too – since I love capturing dogs in action! So these handsome boys kept me on my toes all afternoon, and we had a great time as they ran around to their hearts’ content. The weather was perfect, and I’m so grateful since we’ve had more than our fair share of scheduling challenges – fingers crossed we’re finally done with these last couple of rainy months! Plus, less rain = safer beach water to play in, and I have a feeling these pups are ready to get back to the beach already! :)


This is Russ, the “adopted” brother and 100%-certified treat-monger. He tried to make me believe that he needed ALL the jerky treats. Nice try, Russ!

san diego vizsla


This happy boy is Cisco! The smallest of the pack, Cisco has excellent recall and it was awesome to watch him tear off in one direction, only to come sprinting back as soon as his mom called his name!

san diego vizsla running


And last but certainly not least, this handsome gentleman is Sundance. I just love his fur’s coloring against the blues of the ocean!

vizsla at the beach


Believe it or not, we actually ended up with a few group photos of all three dogs! It was a rare moment to catch them all in the same spot – but aren’t they a gorgeous group?!

san diego vizslas


Lynn & Kevin, thank you for a wonderful afternoon! I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon!


More Photos of Annabelle the Cavachon!

Monday, March 27th, 2017

To make a long story short, Annabelle’s mom and I have had to postpone our Ordering Session by a few weeks. This is a big bummer, because the “grand reveal” of all the images happens at that appointment! (My past clients know what I’m talking about – that appointment is half the fun of the entire photo session experience!) I’m sad that we have to wait longer than we expected due to these unforeseen circumstances… so I decided to make a second “sneak peek” for Annabelle’s mom! I just hope this makes the delay a little more bearable! :)


Annabelle is such an adorable Cavachon – I love seeing her all stretched out, doing her best to earn a(nother) treat!

cavachon jumping


This photo makes me burst out laughing! Annabelle, how could you turn your back on me?? ;)

cavachon studio photo


I can’t wait to show Annabelle’s mom all the action photos from the beach. Annabelle is so quick!

cavachon in water



Joyce, I hope you’re feeling better these days – I can’t wait to see you again soon! :)


Chester the Encinitas Shih Tzu! (Photos)

Friday, March 17th, 2017

I’m so thrilled to introduce you to Chester! This handsome Encinitas shih tzu is a very happy, content boy. He’s not the type to get in your face and whine because he’s bored, he won’t beg for food, and honestly, he’s happy to simply be with his mom. You could say that he’s quite polite! And I saw his easygoing attitude from the first moment I met him, at my studio for our Pre-Session Consultation: he strolled right in, said hello to me, sniffed around a bit, and laid right down to relax while his mom & I chatted. He’s such a good boy!!

I wish everything is Chester’s life could be as even-keel as his happy attitude. He & his mom have been fighting against the c-word, and various treatments haven’t been successful… so our photo session definitely had a bittersweet tone. But leave it up to Chester to keep us laughing throughout the afternoon as he would run (well, trot) from place to place, and then get tired and plop down to catch his breath! He would look at us at certain times – clearly asking us “why did you put me on this big rock?” or saying “oooh that water is cold!” He’s an expressive dog, and incredibly devoted to his mom… so I loved working with them both, and Chester had a great afternoon in the process! :)


This is Chester’s sweet face! Don’t you love his soft, warm coloring?!

shih tzu photo


This moment came right before one of those “why am I on this rock?” looks – and then he jumped down to prove his point!

shih tzu encinitas


Despite the clouds’ best effort, we finished our photo session at the beach underneath a spectacular sky. Chester hadn’t been to the beach in a while, so he was pretty thrilled to run through the sand and wade through the surf again. And I don’t think this will be the last time Chester goes to the beach – but something tells me that if it is, it was time well spent.

encinitas shih tzu


Teri, thank you so much for introducing me to your sweet boy. I’ll talk to you again soon! :)



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