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Archive: July, 2016

Rottle Photo Session with Brinks & Tonka!

Friday, July 29th, 2016

This was an action-packed photo session, with plenty of “firsts” for me as a photographer, and I’m so excited to share it with you! :)

Brinks and Tonka are two Rottles – and if you’re scratching your head at what kind of breed that its, I was with you, haha! Their mom had to educate me: a Rottle is a Rottweiler & poodle mix! Did you know that poodles are generally regarded as the smartest dog breed, and Rottweilers often come in as third-ranked? So when Brinks & Tonka’s parents were looking for dogs that wouldn’t affect their mom’s allergies and would also be easily trained, Rottles soon rose to the top of their list. And these dogs need to have great training, especially their recall skills – they live on several wide-open acres in Julian! To be honest with you, Brinks & Tonka really lucked out when they scored their parents; they get to have free range of their property, with constant opportunities to hunt small animals and explore the wild terrain. Plus, their parents love to bring them on mountain biking trips – so they get plenty of exercise too! (I’m pretty sure they’re living my dog’s ideal life, haha…)

So for our photo session, we went mountain biking at Mission Trails Regional Park and explored the unique scenery of Sunset Cliffs too. These outdoorsy dogs were so much fun to work with, and they kept me laughing all afternoon!


Here are Brinks (left) and Tonka (right)! Aren’t they gorgeous?

Rottle dogs


Morning bike rides have got to be their favorite daily ritual! So fun!

Rottles in San Diego


This is Brinks, the happy boy with a free spirit. He was having a great time chasing his parents up & down the trails! (Even with those crazy ears & tongue, haha!)

picture of a Rottle dog


And this is Tonka, the princess/leader/alpha of the family – and owner of this adorable head tilt!

Rottle photo


Shelagh & Mark, thank you so much for treating me to a ridiculously fun afternoon! Give the dogs a hug for me in the meantime, and I can’t wait to see you both again soon! :)


Balboa Park Pet Photography Session with Titus & Xena!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Sometimes, I work with dogs who are two peas in a pod; they’re similar in their personalities, looks, and pretty much everything else! I suppose living together can have that effect… but that’s not the case with Titus & Xena!

I had a wonderful Balboa Park pet photography session with these two dogs, and they couldn’t be more different! Titus is the old man of the house; he’s a 16-year-old dachshund mix who moves pretty slowly these days. He’s also deaf – or maybe I should say he has very selective hearing? :)  Regardless, he’s a good boy who’s spent his entire life with his mama, and they have a beautiful bond together. He literally wants nothing more than to be right next to her, looking up at her, at all times. It’s incredible.

Xena, on the other hand, lives up to her name pretty well, haha! She’s an energetic ball of cuteness and is completely obsessed with her ball! It’s kinda funny to watch – as you hold the ball in your hand and get ready to throw it, she barks at you impatiently… as if the 3 seconds you’re taking to complete the task are 3 seconds too many! She has a hilarious personality, and seems to be up for adventure any day of the week. Plus, she’s gorgeous – I love her coloring and sweet little face!


This is Xena – and she can RUN! This girl absolutely flies across the grass, it’s so cute (and pretty impressive) to see!

balboa park pet photography


Her ball is her trophy. Don’t you love that satisfied look of accomplishment on her face?

balboa park pet photo


And this handsome boy is Titus! Isn’t he a cutie in this flower bed?

balboa park pet photography example


I just love the way he stands, so tall & proud… Titus, you deserve to be proud of yourself. You’re such a good boy!

happy dog in Balboa Park


Emi & David, thank you so much for introducing me to your adorable dogs! I can’t wait to get together with you both again soon! :)


Encinitas Westies Tuppence & McTavish! (Photos)

Monday, July 25th, 2016

“Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!”

Can you recognize that quote? I hope so! I wanted to start my blog post about Tuppence & McTavish, two Encinitas Westies with thoroughly Scottish names, with a quote from one of the most famously Scottish movies of all time, Braveheart! And these dogs have just as much passion as William Wallace! … although, I should probably mention that it’s not so much passion for freedom and for Scotland… but for treats, fetch & butterflies! Haha! These dogs live with their mom & their grandma, and they’re definitely enjoying the good life in Encinitas. Tuppence can play fetch all day the in backyard, while McTavish prefers to keep a lookout for butterflies and chase them anytime he sees one. And they both go crazy over Dentastix (especially Tuppence)! I just loved working with them & learning to navigate their independent personalities… we had such a fun afternoon together!


This is McTavish, on butterfly patrol. Don’t they have a gorgeous backyard to watch over?

encinitas westie



And this is Tuppence, the snuggly little girl, enjoying a belly rub! Yep, it’s a hard life for these pups. :)

Encinitas Westies picture



Encinitas Westies


And I just have to include one photo from Tuppence’s hose frenzy at the end of our session… this girl LOVES the hose, haha!

encinitas westies photo


Jeanette, thank you for a lovely afternoon, two adorable dogs, and a gorgeous backyard to work in! :)  I’m excited to show you the rest of our images soon!


Portraits for Pooches: Let’s Fly in July! ~ (Pet Photography Mini-Sessions)

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Hello everyone! A big event is coming up, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Many of you participated in the last round of Portraits for Pooches, a series of pet photography mini-sessions that I’m hosting on behalf of the San Diego Humane Society. Now it’s time for the next installment – and I’ve put together a fun aviation theme to go with it! So whether you’d like to pretend that your pooch is a pilot, or keep things simple and get a head-start on your Christmas cards this year (eeek!), there’s an option for everyone. Here are all the details!

portraits for pooches


You can enjoy a professional photo session with your pets, and half of the proceeds go straight to the Humane Society!


As the graphics above describe, here are all the details about this Portraits for Pooches event:

~  $99 for a 15-minute photo session! It’ll be un-rushed and stress-free, not to mention lots of fun! 

~  July 30 & 31, 2016 – perfect for celebrating National Mutt Day on July 31st!

~  Everything is happening in the studio, at 3251 Adams Avenue, in Normal Heights, San Diego.

~  You get to pick out your favorite portrait and keep it as a high-resolution digital image, with a full print release for sharing, downloading, and printing copies.

~  You’ll have at least 10 images to choose from; it’s a taste of the custom photography experience!

~  The whole family is welcome to come! (please note: up to 2 pets are allowed per time slot)

~  Booking is open NOW!


So here’s how to book your mini-session:

:  :  :  :    Email me at, or call me at 619.357.6624 to pick your time slot!    :  :  :  :

That’s it! Pretty easy.  :)

Of course, during each of the pet photography mini-sessions, I’ll create more than just one photo. Participants will actually have over ten finalized images to browse! So for anyone that would like to sample a few products from my archival-quality product line, I’ve put together a few product collections & options:

pet photo mini sessions

… and if you bring a bag of dog or cat food to donate to SDHS, you’ll receive a complimentary 8×10″ fine art print, too!


Here’s how to reserve your mini-session:

:  :  :  :    Email me at, or call me at 619.357.6624 to pick your time slot!    :  :  :  :

We won’t be able to accommodate walk-ups, so please make sure you call ahead of time!


Yahoo, I can’t wait! This is going to be an amazing event and I’m hoping to raise LOTS of money for the San Diego Humane Society! Thanks for supporting such a great cause with me!



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