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Me with my muse, Bailey!

About Allison Shamrell Photography:

Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Allison, and I know you love your dogs. This blog (and my business) is all about helping you CELEBRATE them! I work in San Diego, CA, on location and in-studio, capturing the personalities of dogs large and small. My photography style is natural, playful & soulful.

Here on my blog, I tell the stories of recent sessions and events. You might even find an insight or two into the behind-the-scenes side of my business! I hope you have fun looking around!

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San Diego Golden Retrievers Lucy, Gracie & Scarlett

April 17th, 2014

I’m often asked if I own a golden retriever – probably because, let’s be honest, this breed is all over my website! I show canvas gallery wraps of golden retrievers at events, I have a sample coffee table book featuring golden retrievers, and they’re in each of the photo galleries on my website – well, except the feline gallery, of course! But the truth is, I don’t have a golden retriever. I just have my Bailey, and I’m sure she doesn’t have any golden mixed in her heritage. However, I loooooove to admire goldens from a distance! They’re indescribably beautiful; I just think they’re the supermodels of the dog world! I’d happily adopt a golden retriever in the future; they’re happy-go-lucky dogs with a fabulous temperament, and this family of goldens I photographed recently is no exception! Let me introduce you to Lucy, Gracie & Scarlett!

This is Scarlett, the youngest of the pack at only six months. And let me tell you – she’s a fireball, but I’ve worked with older & more mature dogs that didn’t have half the obedience she knows at such a young age!  To get a puppy to sit, lay down, and then stay long enough for her mom to inch out of the frame… now that’s a challenge! Good girl, Scarlett!

golden retriever puppy


 This is Gracie, the blondie! Her gorgeous light fur is vastly different from her sisters’ rich red coloring, but her personality is just as sweet. The only times she didn’t have a big goofy golden smile on her face was when she was chasing down her ball, like in this photo! The girl is an athlete, for sure!

golden retriever action photo


And last but certainly not least, this is Lucy, the oldest and noblest of the pack. With age comes experience, and she’s impeccably trained. A photographer’s dream to work with! Plus, I love white faces like hers. :)

old golden retriever


 And finally, here are all three golden girls together! (Don’t you love how the orange in the trees matches Lucy & Scarlett’s fur?)

three golden retrievers


Bobbi & Teri, thank you so much for an absolutely marvelous session. We have sooo many photos, thanks to all the adorable poses your girls struck for me… thank you for training them so incredibly well!  :)


Rancho Santa Fe Dog Photography: Chocolate Labradors Chloe & Emma!

April 16th, 2014

I had the opportunity to meet two gorgeous dogs who call Rancho Santa Fe, CA their home – and we had a great photo session! And I’ll be the first to admit that I thought I’d have no problem telling these pups apart – after all, I met them just a few weeks ago, and Emma the puppy was a bouncy little ball of energy compared to her big sister, 5-year-old Chloe. But we ended up having to push our session back a couple of weeks further than we anticipated, and to my surprise, I was greeted at their (beautiful) home by two big dogs! Emma had completely sprouted! She was waaaay bigger than I recognized, so I had to rely on their personalities (and collars, haha) to tell them apart. But luckily, that wasn’t too hard either – these dogs have totally distinct personalities! Let me introduce you!

This is Chloe, the older girl and 100% eager-to-please labrador. She’s ball-crazy and wouldn’t let us forget it as soon as we introduced my squeaky tennis ball! But the whole time, she always reverted back to see what her parents were up to – she’s absolutely devoted to them. In her opinion, they should always be throwing the ball for her (especially into the pool!) but she definitely has a mature demeanor, compared to her sister…

rancho santa fe dog picture



This is Emma the goofball! And let me tell you, we had to go through several rounds of running back & forth to get a photo that wasn’t completely blooper-worthy! This girl runs her little heart out every time she gets the chance, and most of the photos on my hard drive right now have her ears flopping awkwardly, her legs splayed out in all directions, and her face with total “crazy eyes” as she belts toward me! That’s why I often ask my clients to repeat running scenarios several times during each session; with two ears, four legs and a long tongue, there’s a lot that can go awry! But I’m glad Emma pulled it together for this photo… even if she reverted back to her crazy-face in the very next frame! :)

rancho santa fe picture



And finally, here are both girls together. Emma is on the left and Chloe’s on the right. Aren’t they beautiful?

picture of two dogs


Ray, Monica & Saylor – thank you so much for a fun-filled, gorgeous Rancho Santa Fe dog photography session! It was a fabulous idea for Monica’s  birthday present. I can’t wait to show you the rest of your images… see you soon!  :)


Guest Post: 5 Things to Remember Before Your Next Vet Visit

April 10th, 2014

I recently asked Market Street Vet for a few quick & helpful insights on the veterinary business, and they sent me a wonderful list of tips on what they recommend considering before your next vet visit! A veterinary hospital isn’t somewhere that pet owners visit every day (I hope!) so I thought a little refresher might be handy for your pet’s next check-up – especially because it’s one of the most important places you’ll take your dog all year. Enjoy this post, coming to you straight from the authority – they were awarded the title of the San Diego A-List Best Veterinarian



san diego vet profile



1. Please bring pets in on leashes or in carriers.

Doing so will reduce stress and the risk of injury to yourself and to your pet. Keep in mind that even if Fluffy is friendly Cujo might not like other dogs.


2. Please bring in or have faxed any previous medical record.

This will help make your visit easier and more efficient, having previous lab work and records helps narrow down a good treatment plan for your pet.



market street vet san diego



3. It’s always a good idea to bring in a fresh stool sample to check for intestinal parasites.

(Recommended annually) You never know what Fluffy could have picked up during his daily walks!


4. Allow yourself plenty of time for parking.

(Especially in Downtown) Giving yourself extra time to get anywhere always helps reduce your stress and ultimately saves time. We offer two parking spaces in the parking lot next to our building to help out, they are labeled to be used by our clients at no additional charge if they are available.



market street vet san diego



5. New Clients/New Patients: Please show up 5-10 minutes early to fill out paperwork.

By coming in a little earlier to fill the paperwork out will help make sure we get all the additional information we need in a timely matter, it will also help getting you and your furry family member in and out smoothly!



market street vet san diego


Thanks so much for all your insights, Market Street! I’m sure this will help at least a few of you blog readers prepare before your next vet visit! Feel free to stop by Market Street Vet’s Facebook page to say thanks if this post was helpful to you! 


Coronado Pet Photography: Marty, Sally & Tag!

April 7th, 2014

For this fabulous Coronado pet photography session, I knew three shelties would be my subjects – and since they’re all the same breed, I was a bit nervous about being able to tell them apart, to tell you the truth! But as soon as I walked up to their front yard – and all three of them announced to the world that I was there with nonstop barking! – I knew I wouldn’t have any problems figuring out who was who! It’s not possible to mix up these dogs; for all being the same breed, each one of them is incredibly unique! Marty, the biggest, has the darkest coloring and the most outgoing personality. Sally, the medium-sized and light-colored girl, is a total cutie – just don’t approach her on wheels! (She has a “thing” against skateboards, bikes, and basically anything on wheels… it’s a good thing I left my rollerblades at home.) And Tag, the littlest one of the bunch, was rescued from an abusive situation (poor thing – he’s an absolute sweetheart) and so he has very different fur than his brother & sister. It doesn’t grow quite right – but that’s okay, he makes up for it with adorable floppy ears! :)

And just to prove that you won’t have any trouble telling them apart either, I’m going to mix it up for this sneak peek blog post: instead of featuring the dogs individually, I’m going to show you all their group photos instead! These dogs take a great family portrait, haha!

Can you tell which dog is which from my descriptions?

cute coronado dogs


We even got them together on the pitcher’s mound! These dogs’ human brothers are avid baseball players – and incredibly talented ones, from what I hear – so this family spends plenty of time around baseball fields every day. We figured it was only fitting to let the dogs have their moment on the diamond!

coronado pet photography

The real showstopper, of course, was the Coronado Ferry Landing. What Coronado pet photography session would be complete without getting a few photos with the San Diego skyline in the background? It was an absolutely gorgeous spot, and as a little bonus for me, all the dogs were on their best behavior! (Okay, if you’re still not sure: Marty is on the left, Tag in the middle, and Sally is on the right in this photo!)

coronado pet photographs



Brenda, thank you for spoiling me with your ridiculously well-behaved dogs! I had a great time with all of you, and I’ll talk to you soon! :)

Del Mar Dog Photos: Chase the Bearded Collie!

April 3rd, 2014

There’s a beautiful story that accompanies these Del Mar dog photos. Chase is a happy-go-lucky bearded collie who, at nine years old, keeps her mom company out in the San Diego desert, where they live. She doesn’t get to come visit the beach very often, but recently, she’s been staying with her human “sister” Haley in Carlsbad, and trips to the beach are becoming much more frequent! Even though she misses her mom (she even “sulked” on her sister’s patio her whole first day in Carlsbad!), she’s adjusting to a new pace of life here on the coast for the time being. Because what Chase doesn’t know is that, unfortunately, her mom was recently diagnosed with cancer. So Haley happily introduced Chase to her house in Carlsbad, to give their mom plenty of rest following a recent surgery. Now, I’m thrilled to report that that surgery went really well! That means Chase’s mom is on the road to recovery (yay!) and Chase will be back with her in a few weeks – double yay! But for the time being, Haley & Chase are spending some extra time together as sisters – and what better get-well gift could they give their mom than photos from a photo session? We enjoyed a lovely romp in the park in Del Mar, and the light was absolutely perfect for us. Take a look!

 I’m told that bearded collies (“beardies”) are typically low-energy, lazy dogs. So… did someone forget to tell that to Chase?? This girl is a serious athlete – and nothing, nothing gets her going like her tennis ball!

del mar dog photos


I know this post is about Del Mar dog photos, but can you believe this sunset? Oh wait – it’s this beautiful every day in Del Mar. Sigh.

pretty del mar picture


  What beach photo session would be complete without a sopping-wet dog? Chase definitely loves the water – in fact, her favorite thing to do is plop herself down right in the surf!

del mar dog photo


Chase, thank you for being your hilarious, comedic self! Haley, thank you for a super-fun session – something tells me we’re going to have a LOT of photos in your gallery! :)



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