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Me with my muse, Bailey!

About Allison Shamrell Photography:

Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Allison, and I work in San Diego, CA, capturing the personalities of dogs and cats of all sizes & temperaments. I do photo sessions on location and in-studio, wherever my clients prefer! My photography style is natural, playful & soulful.

Here on my blog, I tell the stories of recent sessions and events. You might even find an insight or two into the behind-the-scenes side of my business! I hope you have fun looking around!

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619-357-6624  ~  Allison@AllisonShamrell.com  ~  3251 Adams Avenue, Suite C, San Diego, CA 92116

Officially Voted the Best Pet Photographer in San Diego, 2014-2017, by the San Diego A-List.

Tug & Frankenstein, Doggie Siblings from San Diego!

February 6th, 2018

I first met Tug & Frankenstein in my studio – and although they look so similar, I immediately knew I wouldn’t have any trouble telling them apart! These lookalike doggie siblings (no, they’re not twins or biologically related – but I don’t blame you for wondering!) are best friends and polar opposites. Tug came right up to me as soon as we met; looking back, I realize that it was probably to see if I had a ball or toy of some kind on me. When he realized I was empty-handed, he confidently strolled right past me, into the studio… probably to continue the search. He’s a happy boy and always ready to lead the way! Frankie, on the other hand, wasn’t so quick to say hello: she’s a shy girl and preferred to stick close to her mom for most of our pre-session consultation. She cautiously said hello and sniffed my hand a few times… it takes a little time for her to warm up. But during those moments when she feels happy and safe, she gets the cutest smile on her face!! Her ears relax, her whole body gets wiggly and she grins from ear to ear. It’s absolutely adorable – and a total change from the “cautious” look she normally has on her face!

So we spent our session in the studio as well as visiting their favorite place, Fiesta Island. And since their dad is currently deployed, I’m excited to say that this is their first session – but we’re planning some great family photos when the whole family is back together!


Doggie siblings. Not to mention doppelgänger status. (Although I bet you can tell who’s who from my description above!)

doggie siblings picture


Oh my gosh, Tug is a rocket when he gets to play fetch on the beach! You wouldn’t think a dog that’s half French bulldog would be so athletic – but it must be the half-Jack Russell terrier coming out! Fun fact: the only way to get the ball back from Tug is to trick him, distract him, or step on the ball so hard he can’t get it out from under your foot. Otherwise you’ll never get it from him! #ballislife

doggie siblings


See what I mean about Frankie’s sweet smile?! And those floppy ears, oh my gosh… Her favorite thing to do at the beach is chase her brother as he chases the ball – she tries to bite his ears as he runs back & forth! Extracurricular hobbies include chasing birds if her brother is slowing down, and wandering off to find other families to adopt her. (She found a fisherman at Fiesta Island and I swear she wanted to stick around and help him catch fish!) But really, she’d never go anywhere without her brother, or her mom. It was so much fun to see them play together!

dog sibling


Becca, thank you so much for introducing me to your amazing dogs! And Alex, I’m looking forward to including you in our next photo session in a couple of months! :)


Bailey, the San Diego Dog

February 5th, 2018

Hey everyone! I’m participating in Rover.com’s Tail of 20 Cities, celebrating my dog Bailey and our city of San Diego, along with 19 other photographers from around the world! Check out all the different city/pet portraits here: Tail of Twenty Cities Photo Journey and feel free to join the fun by posting a own picture of your own pooch representing your city with the hashtag #RoverCities!


Bailey and I visited Coronado for this project – because can you believe that view of San Diego at sunset?! Those colors make my photographer heart happy…

san diego

(Although Bailey was a little more interested in the birds that flew by…)

san diego dog with skyline

dog looking at san diego

The we headed out on the pier for a better look!

san diego dog

san diego

san diego dog picture

san diego dog with skyline

san diego dog skyline


And just for fun, a little throwback… you can tell this photo is a few years old because there’s no gray fur on her face… (sob)

san diego dog water


You know what? Why stop here?! This post has got me thinking about “quintessential San Diego” photos… and I have no shortage of those, thanks to my clients and their pups! Here are some of my favorite photos at various locations around town, modeled by just a few of my favorite dogs!


Maverick at the dog beach (well, one of the dog beaches!)

happy beach dog

Lucy, Gracie & Scarlett in Presidio Park

san diego dogs at the park

Haley & Teddy at Sunset Cliffs

san diego cliffs and dogs

Trevor & Tori and their parents – that’s San Diego (Bay Park) in the background!

san diego family

Garnet, hiking at Mission Trails

san diego hike with dog

Foxy at the botanical gardens in Balboa Park

san diego balboa park dog

Stella, on Coronado (with the Hotel Del in the background, of course)

san diego coronado dog

Candice, in North Park

san diego sign dog

 Mister Mister and his parents, out for a sunset walk on the beach.

san diego dog sunset


What a fun project – I love San Diego! And who better to explore it with than all these dogs?! Thanks for inviting me to participate, Rover.com – I can’t wait to see all the other portraits from photographers around the world! :)


Chewy & Milo, Del Mar Dogs at the Beach!

February 2nd, 2018

I often wonder how my dog, Bailey, would get along with my clients’ dogs. I envision what they have in common, how they’d play together, what they’d “talk about”: their parents, their favorite kinds of treats, the squirrel they almost caught last week, etc. (It’s possible that I have an overactive imagination.)

And I’ve made a decision: Bailey is NOT allowed to meet Chewy & Milo! Want to know why?

They get to go to the beach in Del Mar every. single. day. If Bailey ever heard that was possible (instead of just going to the beach once-in-a-while like we do), I think she’d petition to be adopted by Chewy & Milo’s parents!!!

Haha – #beachlife aside, Chewy & Milo are awesome dogs, and they were incredibly fun to work with! We started our photo session in their backyard, and soon after walked down to the beach, where I got to see their boundless energy and incredible zest for life (or at least their zest for tennis balls and running through the surf). And I have to say, their moms – who are actually sisters – have done a pretty amazing job training their boys. Their recall is spot-on and I was impressed at how content the dogs were to stick nearby their moms; with a whole beach full of other dogs and people, there were distractions in every direction. But Chewy & Milo never went more than 5-10 seconds without turning around to make sure their moms were still close by and okay. I think they must know how loved they are – not to mention how good they have it!


This is Chewy – master of the adorable head tilt and one of the most easy-going dogs I’ve ever met. His favorite thing to do at the beach: chase Milo and play with the other dogs!

del mar dog


Milo’s favorite beach game, on the other hand, is FETCH! He’s an incredible athlete and will jump over waves and swim out into the ocean to get his ball back (usually with Chewy on his tail)… my favorite part of watching him play was how he’d bring the ball back to a different person every time! As if to say “okay, she threw it pretty far, let’s see what you can do!”

del mar dog at the beach


Del Mar dogs to the core.

del mar dogs


Janet, thank you for introducing me to your fun-loving boys – and for helping me support the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy! I’m excited to share the rest of our photos with you soon! :)


It’s been too long, Pensacola! (Details about my upcoming photo sessions!)

January 29th, 2018

Let’s be honest, I could probably write 5 pages about why I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT COMING BACK TO PENSACOLA! But #1 on that list is the people (and their pets) that are my clients & friends. So suffice to say that everything else I’ve missed about the gulf coast (like the white sand beaches and fried grouper) takes a firm backseat to you lovely people reading this post right now! So – I know you’ve been waiting patiently for this – here are all the details about my upcoming trip!


pensacola pet photography

And guess what?!

Booking is open now! Click here to save your spot: http://bit.ly/Pensacola2018


Let’s chat about what’s included with each session! (Because I put together some pretty awesome product combinations for you!!) Each client will walk away with a metal print & digital images. The digital images are high-resolution and printable, easy to share on social media, make copies, feature on your Christmas cards, use as computer wallpaper, etc… they’re yours, so do anything you like with them! The possibilities are truly endless. You just need to decide whether you’ll be able to narrow down your favorites to 5 (for Option 1) or if you don’t want to miss out on a single photo from your session (Option 2). And additionally, the metal print is my most sought-after type of product; it displays your portrait with show-stopping vibrance & depth. It arrives ready-to-hang on the wall, with either a framed or un-framed finish. And although pictures don’t quite do it justice, check out the excerpt from my Product & Price Guide here:

metal print photography

metal prints

(Oh – and did I mention free shipping?! I’m pretending to be a local again, so there will be no hidden costs of shipping & handling down the line. Yay!)


pensacola photo


A few comments from some of my favorite people in Pensacola:

“The photos Allison captured of our pups (and us) are amazing! The quality of her service as well as the products that she offered is beyond anything that we could have expected! I couldn’t have imagined a better experience.”  – Kassandra R. 

“Allison is a phenomenal pet photographer. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, and skill are top notch. She took pictures of our golden retriever right before she left Florida, and I was astounded at the quality of ALL the shots. She caught our dog in action with perfection. We had the photo shoot at a park by the water, and she had complete control and expertise, even lying down on the ground to catch the perfect shot!”  – Lori F.

“What a wonderful experience. Allison was able to get the best out of my wild and mommy-fixated Corgis.  The pictures were great, with a large variety from which to choose.  Allison has a way of making every dog look like the most beautiful pet ever.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!”  – Connie B.

“To say I fell in love with the precious treasures that I have of my furry children now would be an understatement.  I love her work so much that if another dog joins my family at a later date we would probably fly to wherever she and her hubby move to.  If you are an animal lover in whatever town is lucky enough to get Allison Shamrell Pet Photography, call and get some photos of your sweet fur babies.  You will never regret it.”  – Deb P.

“Professional, patient, friendly and fun – a 5 star experience for me, and more importantly, for my dogs!”  – Lori E.

“I have only the best of things to say about Allison Shamrell and her pet photography business. She won us over with every phone call, email and photo she took.  She took our sweet family and captured expressions and bonds that only the eye of a true animal lover can see. The picture composition, quality and quantity far exceeded our expectations. In today’s market where a dollar is spent wisely, I have no regrets for this investment in capturing the love between pet and child.  Irrevocably PRICELESS!”  – Leslie A.


pensacola beach

So… let’s do this!!!

Click here to pick your day/time and book your session!


pensacola dock


Q.I.A.  (“Questions I’m Anticipating” – it’s like an FAQ but for something I’ve never done before, haha!)

•  What if all your dates fill up?

I might just extend my trip!

•  Can I visit more than one location during my session?

Yes! Additional fees will apply, but anything is possible – just ask!

•  Can I bring my friend and their dog to our session too? 

These sessions are designed to include your entire immediate family, so all of those people & pets are welcome – but only 1 family is allowed per session, so please encourage your cousin/neighbor/friend to book their own. :)

•  Why are you only accepting 2 photo sessions per day?

Because I only shoot when the light is the best – otherwise your photos will have unflatteringly-harsh lighting, and no one wants that. When the sun is closest to the horizon, that’s when the magic happens!

•  What if I want more/different products?

Not a problem. You’ll have access to my entire product line of archival-quality products! Everything (beyond what’s already included with your session) is a la carte and completely up to you.

•  Can I have a discount if I buy you dinner at McGuire’s? 

Nice try! ;)

•  Enough talk already – how do I book my session?!

Check back here on Friday – I’ll post a link and you can pick your date/time! (Pro tip: hit “subscribe” at the bottom left of this webpage and you’ll be automatically notified when booking goes live. Boom!)

•  Another question? Reach out to me: allison@allisonshamrell.com or 619-357-6624. I’m happy to answer anything you’re curious about!


pensacola beach photo

Reserve your spot here: http://bit.ly/Pensacola2018 – I can’t wait to see you in Pensacola!


Introducing Murphy & Porkchop, the newest “Spokespets” for Tender & True Pet Food!

January 11th, 2018

Are you ready? Are you sitting down?! This announcement is a big one…

I’m incredibly thrilled to share with you that I’ve accomplished one of my biggest goals for my business – and simultaneously, two of my clients’ pets are FAMOUS!

Several months ago, I was contacted by the marketing team at Tender & True Pet Nutrition. They were looking for fresh, new imagery for their new flavor of dog & cat food, and asked if I had any photos that might fit their specifications. (I practically had to stop myself from laughing – with over 7 years of photography sessions under my belt, there are very few image specifications that I can’t meet!) So after sending them a gallery with dozens of photos to pick from, the people at Tender & True made their selections – and I’m incredibly proud to present you with the newest packaging that will be gracing the shelves of pet food stores in just a few months!


pet food picture

pet food photo


These pet food photos came from real, unscripted photo sessions here in San Diego. Murphy is the gorgeous golden retriever, whose photo I captured during a mini-session (!!) in Balboa Park. (Yes, the ocean was digitally superimposed into the background. It is a salmon-based food after all, haha!) And Porkchop is the Maine coon, whose photo session took place at his house (alongside his feline brother, Applesauce) in northern San Diego. Unfortunately Porkchop isn’t with us anymore, sadly… but regardless, both of their families are thrilled to see their pets immortalized in print!

You can buy Tender & True at Whole Foods Markets, various local pet boutiques (like Howlistic and Buddies & Babes here in San Diego!) and online at chewy.com. And if you’ve never heard of Tender & True before now, check out their gorgeous new website and get a feel for the care & attention to detail that goes into their products. I’m truly proud that my work is helping advertise their food!

And – if I may – I’d like to point out that this proves what I always say: I don’t work with professional models! I bring out the beauty and “inner model” in regular pets that have zero prior training. Neither Murphy nor Applesauce had any previous experience being in front of a camera, besides their parents’ cell phones. And yet look what we created!! We turned newbies into pro models. And that’s why I believe it’s worth hiring a professional – whether you want photos to hang on your walls or to feature on your company’s dog food – because a professional will be able to bring the best out of any pet.

Anyways… back to popping the champagne! :)



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