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Me with my muse, Bailey!

About Allison Shamrell Photography:

Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Allison, and I work in San Diego, CA, capturing the personalities of dogs and cats of all sizes & temperaments. I do photo sessions on location and in-studio, wherever my clients prefer! My photography style is natural, playful & soulful.

Here on my blog, I tell the stories of recent sessions and events. You might even find an insight or two into the behind-the-scenes side of my business! I hope you have fun looking around!

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619-357-6624  ~  Allison@AllisonShamrell.com  ~  3251 Adams Avenue, Suite C, San Diego, CA 92116

Officially Voted the Best Pet Photographer in San Diego, by the 2014 San Diego A-List.

Photo Session with 5 Yorkies in Del Mar, CA

March 27th, 2015

Are you ready for an extra-large sneak peek?? I’m excited to share this session with you, because it’s not every day that I get to share a session with five dogs at once! So I was thrilled to meet these yorkies in Del Mar, and we had a wonderful time around the town together! We visited a local park, their mom’s condo, and we finished our session at the beach… it was so much fun! And each of these dogs has their own, completely distinct personality… it was really interesting to get to know them and see their differences in the time we spent together. I really love getting to know my clients and their pets – whether they have one pet or five! :)


This is Diva! She’s the mother of the group – literally! And she feels completely comfortable exercising her matriarchal authority; she was rarely rattled as her puppies ran around, barking at things & generally being silly… Diva preferred to sit back & watch as the chaos went on around her. Such a calm, regal dog!

yorkie san diego


This is one of her sons, Sparky! He’s a big guy – much bigger than Diva – and even though he’s deaf, he’s a total sweetheart. Just look at those eyes!

yorkie cute photo


And here’s Rebel! He loooves to run around, as do most of the dogs… but true to his name, we’d often find him wandering around somewhere all by himself!But he’s really well-trained, so when we called him, he’d come running back, just like this!

cute running yorkie


This little lady is Liberty! Here’s a rare photo in which she’s not jumping up at my feet, begging for the treats in my hand, haha – trust me, she takes “food motivated” to a whole new level! (But really – for that face – could you resist?!)

cute yorkie in del mar, ca


And last but certainly not least is Rocky, getting comfortable here on the bed, with his signature one-ear-up pose. And I’ll be totally honest: the way his right ear is always up and his left ear always flops down was clutch in helping my recognize him at a moment’s glance amongst his siblings! :)

yorkie dog del mar


And then… we went SURFING!!!

yorkies surfing


Okay, we didn’t actually catch any waves, but I just love how these dogs look like they’re ready to hang ten! (or twenty!)

Thanks for a fun & memorable session, Laura! And thank you for training your dogs so well – these pups were so enjoyable to work with! :)

Gracie, the Beautiful San Diego Saint Bernard

March 22nd, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I love big dogs. There’s just something about their oversized paws, sweet eyes and low-hanging tongues that I can’t get enough of… so imagine my delight to meet Gracie! This San Diego Saint Bernard is actually a bit small for her breed – her mom calls her a “teacup St. Bernard”, haha – but she seems plenty big to me! She’s an easygoing dog with gorgeous eyes, and when she visited for her Pre-Session Consultation she was intent on emptying my studio toy basket in search of a nice, chewable bone! This silly girl (who was a surprise gift for her mom, and greeted her at the airport upon return from a business trip wrapped in a big bow, courtesy of her dad) is active in the community, too – she works as a therapy dog at local nursing homes! She’s a big hit (no pun intended… well, okay, I guess it was) with the senior citizens who light up when she comes to say hello – and her mom tells me that Gracie loves the work of being a therapy dog! She took to it completely naturally, even in puppyhood, and I’m so honored to have met this lovely girl. I know she’s destined for big things! (Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the “big” jokes.)


Are you serious, Gracie?! How cute can you get??

saint bernard photo


 … posing for photos is hard work…

st bernard dog photo


 I’m pretty sure Gracie wanted to get up close and personal with my treat bag! It was pretty funny to see her eat the treats we’d give her – they’re the Zuke’s Mini Naturals bite-sized ones, and they’d get lost in her jowls as she attempted to eat them from my hands! I like using small treats in sessions, so the dogs don’t fill up on them – but in this case they were a bit too small! I think I owe Gracie a few Saint Bernard-sized treats, haha!

St. Bernard dog


Jodi, thanks for a wonderful afternoon with your gorgeous girl! I can’t wait to show you the rest of our photos soon! :)


La Mesa Pet Photography with Bimmer, Laila & Leo

March 17th, 2015

I’m so happy to introduce you to this beautiful pack of dogs! I shared a La Mesa pet photography session with Bimmer, Laila & Leo recently, and I call them a “pack” on purpose because that’s exactly what they are: an inseparable group of best friends! Honestly, it was pretty darn cute when we started out working with just Leo, the youngest of the bunch, all by himself… and he simply wouldn’t have it! He kept racing back over to the house to see when his older siblings would be joining us! So while their close-knit bond made our “individual” photos a little bit tougher to come by, haha, we had an absolute blast playing in the backyard all together! These pups take fetch seriously! And it was adorable to see the routine patterns they’d worked out amongst themselves, each time the ball was thrown: Bimmer would only go for the ball if it came his way, whereas pups Laila & Leo ran at breakneck speed to get the ball, wherever it was, and they’d just end up in a wrestling match at the end of every toss anyway! :)

So we shared a lovely afternoon with perfectly soft light in their backyard, and amidst the chaos of balls, treats, toys, and three big dogs running in every direction, I think we ended up with some great images!


Here’s big old man Bimmer (pronounced “bee-mer”)! He’s a gorgeous golden retriever with a stunning red coat and beautiful, soulful eyes. His parents say that he’s enjoying a “second puppyhood” since they made the introduction of his younger brother, Leo, to the family – and I believe it! He has such a fun spirit!

la mesa pet photo


This pretty girl is Laila! She’s a cream-colored golden retriever, and I’d say she’s the calmest of the bunch, relatively speaking… but when she gets going, watch out! This girl is fast! What a beauty.

la mesa pet photography


And this handsome boy is Leo (short for Leonardo)! He’s still a puppy, and simply can’t get enough of playing with his older brother & sister. (And yes, that’s grass on his tongue! Haha!)

la mesa dog photographer



Dee & Pat, I’m so glad you saw my portraits hanging up in Hairy & Merry, because I had such a great time at our photo session & getting to know you both! I’m excited to show you the rest of our images soon! :)


Vista Pet Photography with Colt the Beagle & Brandi the Shih Tzu/Yorkie Mix!

March 16th, 2015

I recently shared a Vista pet photography session with two adorable subjects: Colt the beagle and Brandi the shih tzu/Yorkie mix! These pups were so much fun to work with: Brandi is a 10-year-old girl who looks like she’s 100% shih tzu, but her parents insist there’s Yorkie in her heritage too! (I couldn’t tell, haha!) :)  She was happy to participate in our photo session for all the yummy treats I was doling out, but she definitely has a bit more reserved personality than her brother, Colton. He’s a 4-year-old beagle and a hilarious, mischievous little man! He was quick to jump into action, try and steal the treats I was giving his sister, bark at any dog that dared walk by… he definitely kept me laughing for our whole session! I’ll keep today’s post all about the dogs, but I can’t wait to eventually share a few family photos from this session too – I know we got some super-cute ones, and I just loved working with this little family! :)


Here is Colt! Believe it or not, this was the very first frame out of my camera from the day- can’t you tell by that smile that he’s planning on getting into trouble in the immediate future? :)

vista ca dog photo


And here’s his older (but smaller) sister, Brandi! She’s such a cutie!

vista pet photos


… and she’s quite the poser, too!

vista pet photography


And finally, I can’t resist sharing this one of Colt & his dad – they love each other so much, and I just loved watching them play together! (Especially the paw on dad’s face in the background, haha!)

vista pet photography



Sarah & Luis, thank you for introducing me to your dogs (and that cute park near your house)! I’m excited to see you again soon!


Beatrice the Min Pin and Bruno the Chihuahua, in Balboa Park

March 13th, 2015

I’m so excited to share a few photos with you from my Balboa Park photo session with Beatrice & Bruno, the miniature pinscher & chihuahua! Our session had a rather eventful beginning, to be honest with you – Beatrice the 5-year-old min pin decided that she wanted nothing to do with the studio. So instead of forcing it, we decided to let her be the boss, and we packed up and headed for Balboa Park! (I tell all my clients that their dogs will basically be in charge of how the session goes – and this time, Beatrice put my promise to the test, haha!) We’d much rather have a happy dog than a nervous & stressed one, and changing locations was a simple fix – both dogs were immediately much more comfortable in the wide open spaces of Balboa Park!

So we had a wonderful time walking around several different areas of Balboa Park, finding all the best scenery to pose with, watching the birds fly overhead, monitoring the ducks in the lily pond (and the koi fish! a new discovery!), and I just love the images that we never would have created otherwise! Beatrice had fun playing with the tennis balls I brought (successfully de-squeaking one of them), and Bruno enjoyed exercising a bit of newfound confidence by barking at every dog that passed by… so, all in all, it was definitely a fun day! :)


This is Beatrice! Isn’t she gorgeous?

balboa park san diego


I just love her bright eyes & pretty coloring… add in all the natural colors of Balboa Park, and I just can’t get enough!

balboa park dog photo


And here’s Bruno, a natural poser for the camera…

chihuahua balboa park


… and an adorable playmate!

balboa park photo session


Heather, thank you so much for being flexible on the “plan” for our photo session! I can’t wait to get together with you again soon!



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